PVC Redneck Horseshoe Plans

PVC Redneck Horseshoe Plans
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Tossing games like this are often seen around RVs at campgrounds across the country. This is also called Ladder Golf, as the top portion looks like a 3 rung ladder. This project is quite fun to work on while at the same time being extremely simple.

Start with a materials list of items below found at your local hardware store. This list is enough for 2 ladders. * 5 – 10 foot long pieces of 3/4 inch PVC pipe * 12 – 90 degree 3/4 inch PVC elbow * 12 – 3-way 3/4 inch PVC T fitting * 6 – used golf balls-2 different colors ( or paint them later) * 10’ of 3/8” rope

Cut 18-24” long pieces of PVC, 12 for the base and 6 for the ladder. Cut 12-12” long pieces of PVC, all for the ladder. Take all of the fittings and pipe and assemble them in the orientation shown in the picture. You will see that the base has 6 sides 24” each with a 90 degree elbow at each corner. The ladder crossbars are 24” wide, spaced 12” apart. The top has an elbow at each side and a T fitting at the bottom and the first and second crossbars. Note that the bottom T fitting goes in a direction to allow it to attach to the base. Drill a 3/8 inch hole in each golf ball and attach 2 balls together using 20 inches of rope. Knot the ends of the rope to hold the balls together. FEEL FREE TO IMPROVISE AND BE CREATIVE AS NEEDED.

The Rules of the Game: Materials: Two Redneck Horseshoe ladders, each with three two-foot crossbars that are one foot apart, and at least two sets of three Bolos to toss at the ladders. Set Up: Ladders are to be placed 15 feet apart from each other. Each team is to receive one set of Bolos. Have one player from each team stand by each ladder. Point System: Each step up from the ground is worth one point. The top crossbar is worth three points, the middle is worth two, and the lowest is worth one. If one team gets all three Bolos to stay on the ladder during one turn, then an additional point is rewarded. Procedure: It is up to the players to determine who goes first in Redneck Horseshoes. Each player from one ladder takes turns throwing one Bolo at a time at the opposite ladder. After all the Bolos are at the second ladder and points are added up, the players from this ladder toss them back to the other ladder and add up those points. The process repeats itself. Winning the Game: The winner of the game is the first team to reach exactly 21 points, no more and no less.